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So I am going to attempt NaNo this year.  I hope I have a good enough story to write and complete it.

Title:  Must Be Some Kind of Coffee Romance


It must be something in the coffee! Starbucks and New York City, there's got to be something about it. Well, this may be one reason. Maybe not,but this love story or stories seem to have one thing in common. Coffee,Starbucks and men with duffle bags... cute men, really handsome gay dudes. Well, what else would it be? It just so happens they all have one thing in common. They all love coffee and Starbucks, this particular Starbucks across from Central Park. This is about their adventure, maybe struggle to find the love in this city that never sleeps.


Bruce and Skyler:

The smell of brewing coffee wafted his senses as he started to pack his duffle bag with all the work he attempted to finish last night. It did not make sense really, to take home work and not work on it. He wondered if he is just trying to impress his roommate, Bruce, partner or lover, but Skyler knew he needed to show some form of an excuse to keep the man away.

About Liam....and Colin, Maybe...

Ten in the fucking early morning and the craving for a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee took over his senses. He lazily got up from bed only to find out his own nakedness and scanning his surrounding, unfamiliar with the things he saw. He did again, drank himself to oblivion and end up picking up some random stranger. He found his duffle bag nestled on the floor, next to his shoes and his clothes, neatly folded on the chair with a Post-it note pasted on the strap of his bag. Liam reached for the note and read the scribbled message.

“Thank you. You were great!” Colin.

He stared at the smiley face next to the guy’s name. “Who the fuck is Colin?” Liam voiced, suddenly feeling the wetness ooze out of his behind. Wide-eyed, he realized something he had never ever allowed to happen before during his random hook ups.

“Shit I bottomed!”

Troy and Jordan:

What was he thinking! Star bucks would always be packed, even on a Saturday morning. Troy needed some boost this morning before tackling his usual 5-mile route around the park. He managed to stay up so late at night finalizing the production sets for this morning’s photo shoot. Coffee, he truly needed coffee this morning. Suddenly, the smell of freshly brewed pumpkin cinnamon coffee welcomed him as he walked into the crowded cafe. Without noticing another man rushing from behind, bumping against him and accidentally hitting him with his duffle bag.The rushing man turned and to Troy's surprise, blue eyes widely stared back at him.


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