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Title: Run(a)way Encounter Part 4
Day/Theme: 4. friends or strangers — all must meet
Series: Prince of Tennis
Character/Pairing: Tezuka and Fuji
Rating: G, 1,370 words

Summary: Calm before the storm.

Links to previous chapters:  1| 2| 3

The image in the wall mirror stared back at him. He smiled approvingly as he did the usual quarter turn pose, alluringly gazing at his image as he would normally do during a photoshoot. His outfit masked his male features, and he looked stunningly attractive with the fluffy micro-plush scarf wrapped around his neck, the matching ivory pauper hat which would protect his honey-colored tresses from the unforgiving coldness once he reached Sapporo. His cerulean eyes, hidden behind his favorite over- sized black Ray-Bans, beamed while he checked out his favorite body hugging corduroys - just the right pants for his lengthy travel, and the warm Ugg boots which he practically wore daily since his return to Tokyo. The beige cashmere sweater underneath his lambswool coat would keep him nice and warm, as well.

He didn’t mind it at all. In fact, he was not the only one gazing at his image with approval. The inquisitive stares lingered from curious onlookers as they turned their attention and ogled him. Suddenly, the line of men crowding outside the store as they watched him like a pack of ravenous wolves bothered the honey-haired model. Fuji moved towards the aisles of magazines and kept his attention at the items in front of him. He wandered through the protective aisle darting a look once in awhile to make sure the crowd of stalking men would disappear. However, he noticed the increasing gaze turning towards him inside the store. It’s not that he enjoyed the attention. He knew it would be something that would occur but seeing a pack of oglers does not work with his attempt of being incognito. He lowered his head, eyeing the fashion magazine before him with keen interest. The new men’s fashion journal had his favorite model on the cover page. His face brightened as he stared at the stoic face of Tezuka Kunimitsu.

Fuji can’t help himself but simply mesmerized by the handsome image of the man he deeply adored. He wanted to see him again, badly. He recalled with sheer mirth his debauchery in the early morning hours just past. Such a witching hour, with just the mere sight of this beautiful man’s image he was once again lost and enraptured by the burning desire rooted in his heart.

The bullet train to Hokkaido was scheduled to leave in an hour; the station was peaked with commuters in their lunch hour. Fuji didn’t mind the chaos; he enjoyed the bustling noise of Tokyo. He’s been away for so long this was his chance to reconnect with the normal life he missed while globe trotting as a model or the executive representative, marketing his company’s international line of men’s cologne.

Fuji changed his travel plans. He knew Atobe would be miffed once he discovered he would not make it in time for the intended meeting in seven hours, he wouldn’t reach Hokkaido till the next morning. He knew the advertising magnate too well. He would most likely take his private plane and head to Hokkaido to surprise him. Well, Atobe would undoubtedly be surprised! He would be waiting for brunch before he could meet him. By that time, he would be rested and in the right frame of mind to deal with Atobe and whatever sudden plans he would drop on his lap.

But for the next twelve hours, Fuji would quietly enjoy the relaxing trip in his private room. Yes, this time he was going to splurge and treat himself because he deserved some downtime for relaxation. Three months. Three months of hectic, back to back travel, chaotic schedule, which he didn't mind at all, since the busy itinerary distracted him from his longing. With his work, he managed to block the emptiness and forget about the loneliness.

Fuji for the first time in his life, he was caught by surprised and fell deeply in love. He sighed staring at the glossy image of the man solely responsible for his present loneliness.

‘Quite a handsome catch indeed,’ he thought.

He now needs to figure out how he could cleanse his thoughts off his memories and move on. Fuji knew as much, holding on a bewitching moment and pining for such an eye-candy would lead to nothing. He has a business to oversee and another busy year planned with international travels, he didn’t need to act like some teenager hanging on to some kind of puppy love.

The announcement of his train’s departure blared throughout the station; Fuji reached for the magazine but decided not to purchase the said journal. Instead, he picked up some random book, a CD of some international boy band, today’s Tokyo paper and a box of chocolate covered raisins. He quickly paid for his items, accidentally bumping a fashionably dressed man wearing dark glasses. Fuji accidentally dropped the CD.

Quickly muttering his apologies as he bent over to retrieve the CD, but the man before him reached for the CD instead.

"Be careful next time," the stranger stated as he handed the CD to Fuji.

"Please, excuse me!" Fuji bowed accepting the handed CD. He was about to apologize to the man, but the stranger already walked out of the store heading towards the entrance gate to the station. For a moment, he was entranced. The man’s voice somehow reminded him, immediately he shook his head to clear his mind. There was just no way Tezuka would wander alone in Tokyo and in a bustling train station. Fuji chuckled at his foolish thought, placing the items he was purchasing on the counter. Before the cashier totaled his purchase, he had excused himself momentarily. He turned towards the magazine aisle and grabbed the men’s fashion journal. Fuji gazed at the bewitching man on the cover as he handed the magazine to the cashier.

‘I have the entire weekend to forget you, Tezuka Kunimitsu.’


He familiarized himself with the surrounding vicinity, years of sojourn abroad things have changed he noted, but the maps and directions handed by the enamored hotel employee provided Tezuka concise, detailed instructions, which guaranteed his safe arrival in the boarding area for the bullet train to Sapporo. It was close to the train's scheduled departure time, and the train station buzzed with Tokyoites rushing in and out of the area towards their intended destination.

Clad in the simplest-designer clothing, he had painstakingly selected from his expensive set of imposing haberdashery. He pondered on the idea of purchasing his wear for the trip and maybe that should have been the case. Simply put, Tezuka failed to blend effectively in public with the glossy life-size images gazing at him from the ad screens inside the station. That simply gave away his intended plan to be incognito.

Tezuka checked the time on the schedule-board before heading towards the designated platform, to board the train. The first class section was at the far end of the station, and as he ambled his way through the crowd, he noticed. The dark sunglasses failed fruitlessly in hiding his popularity. The crowd recognized him as the handsome model displayed on the towering ads. Swoons and awes squeaked from women around him, excited yelps from adoring teens, women alike as well as sparkly admiring glances from men followed him. He wanted to hide. This was not within his comfort zone despite his chosen career. Tezuka wanted privacy during his time away from the flashing cameras. He kept his quiet, detached comportment and tuned out the noise of recognition around him. Finally, he reached the entryway of the train soon to leave for the northern country and immediately he searched for his private cabin.

Intent on quickly locating his cabin, Tezuka didn’t notice the individual directly dashing towards him and suddenly colliding head onto his path. Tezuka watched dumbfounded as the chaos of magazines, CDs, and globules of chocolate bursting from a candy bag, pelted the man laying splat on the narrow hallway. The honey-haired man with his dark glasses skewed over his face.

"A word of warning would be nice!" said the man scrambling to right himself.

Tezuka stood wordless upon hearing the voice that reminded him of someone from his past.

"Oh.My. Goodness. Tezuka Kunimitsu!" the man gasped in astonishment.

Date: 2012-10-12 09:42 am (UTC)
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I don't remember if I read this XD;;; Could you give me links to the previous parts?

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I thought this was great! Keep it up!


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