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Title:   Death of Two Hearts
Day/Theme: August 10 [2008]: Funeral season
Series: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Tezuka/Fuji and other PoT characters. Konomi owns PoT characters, I just write about themRating/Warnings :  T                          
Genre:  Romance, angst, fluff. (I think it’s there…somewhere)                                                             
Word Count: 2093 words.A/N:  AU- The Prince and his royal guard – a love affair uncovered - a paparazzi’s ace card and a movie idol’s hopeful yearning?

 A continuation of : 1| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |

Tezuka summoned every ounce of control and propriety while witnessing such licentious an act in public.  What was he supposed to think after seeing Fuji kissing the one man who has been making his royal life some kind of tabloid headline news? He is royalty, someone who should be placed in high regard by everyone. There’s just no way he could allow such an indignity to be thrown on his face.

Why did Fuji allow that scoundrel wantonly touch him and kiss him so lewdly for everyone to watch, for him to witness?  As much as he considered himself to be a rational and fair person, somehow he couldn’t bring himself to remain unaffected.  He held Fuji in his arms, intimately until early dawn. They made love all night, and he thought they shared something special. How could he have been such a fool and allow himself to be wronged?

Was Fuji playing him all along and helping Saeki with information he could use for his tabloid magazine? Tezuka didn’t see this coming at all. He experienced happiness with Fuji, and his heart swelled with emotions he never imagined he could feel for another person, another man.  Here, he stood alone and his heart overwhelmed with love just early in the morning was left with nothing but pained emptiness as he watched the remnants of light blanketed by the early evening darkness.  

A swift wind blew to pass him, twirling playfully the fine strands of his hair.  The throbbing in his temples now strongly apparent while he lingered outside the Tiki.  He wanted to leave, but where exactly he hoped to end for a destination. He didn't know.  The scene he caught Fuji just now constantly played in his mind, as if the memory taunted him to react more than he allowed himself to show.  For a moment, his attention veered towards the memory of a frantic looking Fuji.  His eyes wide-open staring with disbelief after he chastised him for his public display. The azure depths engulfed with pain followed by tears streaking down his face.  Tezuka’s heart wrenched recalling how hurt marred the once smiling face of his beloved.

His beloved, the man who captivated him from the very moment he caught sight of him.  He purposely hurt Fuji with his castigating words. His cold stare bathed Fuji with shame until he could no longer share the space Tezuka invaded. Had he assumed wrongly? The pain he witnessed in Fuji’s eyes stayed in his mind and doubt loomed over his jealous-laden brain. Could he have been mistaken and tainted Fuji with his bashing words? Suddenly, Tezuka felt lost after realizing his mindless and presumptuous attack on his beloved’s integrity.   

“Syuusuke,” he whispered. He needs to fix this, for his own sanity. He pulled his cell phone from his pants pocket, and speed dialed Fuji’s number which after one ring responded with the automated voicemail recording. Tezuka smiled sadly. He should have known better. After his display of anger, why would Fuji answer his call? Tezuka closed his cell phone.  

Tezuka breathed in deeply, his frustration taking over his anger. The thought of hurting Fuji purposely and without justification only increased the pain caused by the throbbing in his temples.  His  gaze focused at the far distance  Fuji disappeared to and Saeki following after curtly announcing his loss.    

Did he completely crush every possible hope to have the man he only desired next to him?  The man he deeply cared for and now gone because of his cold royal jealousy.  The vibration from his cell phone cut his musing. Hopeful, Tezuka retrieved his unit only to frown when he didn't see the name of the one person he hoped for to call.  With hesitation, he answered the call.

“Atobe,” his tenor voice sounded firmly as he turned to face the entrance of the Tiki.  Tezuka noticed one of the royal guards approach while he listened to the actor.

 “I am on my way,” Tezuka replied before ending the call. The night breeze blew passed him once more.  Tezuka turned and gazed back at the dark distance for a moment. He closed his eyes and sighed. The image of Fuji happily smiling at him in the early-morning hour came to mind, immediately replaced by the teary-eyed blues painfully gazing at him before dashing away.

 “Your table has been ready and your guest has been waiting for your return,” the guard announced. 

Tezuka nodded his response to the guard. He stepped hesitantly towards the Tiki entrance which was brightly lit with dancing lights. He entered the establishment which was packed with dining clients, excitingly gazing at him as the royal guards led him towards the cordoned area where Atobe waited for his return. He saw the actor waving at him, widely smiling and his purple eyes gleaming as he caught sight of him. Tezuka smiled wryly, wishing for the evening to end soon as he didn’t wish to be alone with the actor.  He wanted to be somewhere else. If Tezuka remained another minute outside the Tiki, he would’ve thrown all his rational thoughts aside and sprinted towards Fuji’s cottage. 


“Syuusuke, wait up!”  Saeki called out as he desperately attempted to catch up with the bolting man. Fuji didn’t stop from his sprinting and quickly entered his cottage, slamming the door behind him. Saeki paused for a moment, a few feet from the cottage, to catch his breath. Heaving heavily from running after his ex-lover, he calmed his heart from furiously hammering in his chest.  He straightened his body, wiped away the sweat from his forehead before he stepped towards the entrance to the cottage. He reached for the doorknob and noticed it locked.  Saeki sighed and slumped down his shoulders in frustration.  He quietly knocked with hope that Fuji would open the door to him.  He waited for a few seconds, but the door remained shut.

“Syuusuke, open the door please?” Saeki implored. Once again, there was no answer. He frowned, his frustration slowly rising to an irritable level.

“Syuusuke, come on man! Open the door.”


He waited. Patience slowly dissipating but Saeki continued on with his vigil, still hoping for Fuji to answer him.

“Go away Soujirou.  I need to be alone,” Fuji cried from inside.

Saeki quirked a smile as he steadily sat himself down by the entryway. “That would be a negative love. I am going to stay right here and hold vigil until you let me in,” he proclaimed.   I will never leave you alone, especially now, when I know you are hurting.” Saeki leaned back to whisper, “Let me comfort you.”

Silence answered his imploring, but Saeki stayed and waited.  The darkness covered him while he waited outside Fuji’s door. Saeki listened to the sounds of the sea and rustling of the grass as the warm breeze continued to caress his skin.  He closed his eyes, finding comfort from the silent sound of his surroundings. His mind replayed the events of the day, and emotions filled his heart.  First, the anger, the jealousy and the vindictiveness only to be overwhelmed by his desire for Fuji’s body to be close to him, again. He wanted back Fuji in his life. He wanted to be the one to comfort him and be the one that held his gaze at all times.   Prince does not deserve his love. He did.  He had always been there for Fuji, and he would not allow the royalty to hurt his man ever again.

“Is it worth the tears love?” Saeki asked.  “You don’t deserve this royal pain you are letting yourself hurt with.”

Somehow Saeki knew the pain Fuji quietly nursed alone.  “I am here for you Syuusuke.  Why won’t you let me in?” Frustrated, Saeki banged his head on the door which made him see stars momentarily and a slow throbbing pulsed at the back on his head.

“Syuusuke,” he whispered quietly. Feeling defeated and slowly reconsidering his decision to hold vigil outside Fuji’s cottage. Saeki smirked.  He couldn’t believe Fuji would hold on the pain and hurt delivered to him with vile by the prince.  Somehow Saeki felt he didn’t deserve to be  placed second before Fuji’s eyes or overcast by the royal pain. Fuji needs to realize his error in opting for the royal ass, only to be chastised publicly with such harsh, demeaning reprimand.

“Why can’t you just love me instead?”


The tears continued to course down his cheeks, blurring his eyes as he lay on his bed. Fuji reminisced over the intimate moments he shared with the Prince. He looked around his cottage, smoothing the crumples on his quilt cover, not even a full day past when Fuji gave himself to him without so much a thought of a doubt. His body yearned for Tezuka's closeness, like he held the very air he needed to live.  Now severed from his life source, Fuji contemplated how he could face tomorrow and continue to pretend a happier life without him.

“I need to go away,” he determined grimly.

Retrieving his cell phone from his pocket, he noticed the missed calls from Saeki and the Prince. He noted Tezuka’s call came in just moments ago, most likely to terminate his service.  It might just as well be, returning to the Palace was no longer his intent. About a couple of hours ago, he looked forward to spending the next ten days traveling to China with the Prince. 

He assumed much, being too hopeful that he actually meant something to him. Fuji shook his head furiously.  How many times did he need to rethink the situation?

“Damn it!”

Outside Saeki waits for him. His ex-lover, the man who knew him more, and he spent more nights in bed with.  However, the time he had with the Prince, weighed more in his heart…his foolish heart.

“I need to stop this!”

As if the screaming anger in his head would make his mind stop thinking about him.  He had no escape from this one until he simply stopped his heart from beating for Tezuka. There was only one way he knew he could kill the incessant pining and knew a willing conspirator who would help him forget. Fuji stared at the locked door. 

Fuji sat up on his bed.  Hesitantly, he stared at his image on the vanity mirror, straightening his disheveled shirt.  He noticed the glimmer in his eyes burnt out. He wiped the tears, breathed in to compose his nerves. Slowly taking silent steps towards the door, he willed his mind to stop telling him no.  The tears pooled once more.  Fuji fanned his eyes to dry.

“Stop this foolishness now!”

He stepped back until he reached the edge of his bed.  He dropped down on the floor and covered his face with his palms.  He couldn’t stop crying.  He simply wished he could just disappear into inexistence. Why is he allowing this morbid display of emotions?  He is a man, and he needs to take this blow to his heart the same way like he handled any physical pain.  Saeki will give him the much-needed diversion, and the ache from his heart may not go away soon, but he could slowly numb it until he could no longer feel.

He stood up once more, with determined step towards the entrance way and opened the door. He watched the silver-haired man scramble to his feet.  Fuji smiled at him, reached for both his hands and led his former lover into his cottage.  He closed the door behind him, watching Saeki nervously smile at him then looked around Fuji’s room.   Fuji dimmed the lights with one flick of the wall switch and moved towards the center of the room, where Saeki waited.

Outside, a shadow of a man witnessed the paparazzi enter the guard’s cottage and within minutes, the lights inside lowered.  Not wanting to stay around, the shadow bolted into a sprint like fire blazed from his feet.  A remorseful scream came from somewhere in the darkness.  The pounding waters of the evening sea muffled the sounds coming from the depths of the darkness. But not escaping the whimpers of a pained cry.  Loss and emptiness filled the breezy night, despite the happy blinking of the lively stars above.

Love's the funeral of hearts,
And an ode for cruelty,
When angels cry blood on flowers of evil in bloom,
The funeral of hearts,
And a plea for mercy,
When love is the gun separating me from you.

Excerpt from
Funeral of Hearts



Date: 2011-09-30 12:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh wow, an update. Such a sad ending. Poor Fuji, I hope he doesn't make a mistake. I do hope Tezuka does what he can to rectify the situation he put them both in. I'm glad you've continued with this story. I hope you will also continue with your Marry Me story too ^^.


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