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Title: Combusting From Your Touch
Day/Theme: 1. All the gates of love you won’t walk through

Series: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Tezuka/Fuji and other PoT characters. Konomi owns PoT characters, I just write about Theme Rating/Warnings :  M -adult situtions between two men/      M/M romance                       
Genre:  Romance,  fluff.                                                
Word Count: words. 4,634 words.  COMPLETE STORY.

 A/N:  AU- Fuji as a stunt /body-double actor and Tezuka an Occupational Therapist.  Let's see what kind of troubles these two men will end up with...

He switched the shower head setting to pulse, turned the knob to add more pressure and adjust the water temperature.  Without delay the heated water beat down on his back.  The measured strike felt close to the massaging rhythm of a professional masseuse hands and Fuji moaned in pleasure. 
“This feels so good.”
He needed a spa day desperately. His regular masseuse for the last six months, Eiji, left him just a few days past. He packed all his belongings, and his perfectly formed behind to move to Spain and reunite with his lover, Oishi. Eiji was tired of the single life and pined for his lover.   Oishi wanted to explore the new opportunity offered to him by his company, but it meant relocating to Spain and separated from Eiji. The separation placed a huge dent on their relationship, and Eiji didn’t entertain the idea of long-distance relationship.
In the six months of Fuji’s interaction with his masseuse, he had grown to learn a lot about Eiji’s fun-loving and bubbly personality.  He was quite a responsible person as well, who placed his siblings’ needs before his own. Fuji figured the reason for Eiji’s decision to remain behind had to do with his filial responsibilities. However, Oishi didn’t agree with a break-up and offered Eiji his promise of marriage. When the first day of spring came Oishi asked the question and Eiji agreed to step into the married stage of their relationship.
To Fuji’s loss unfortunately, but he deeply wished for Eiji’s happiness. On the evening before his flight, he took his masseuse friend to dinner and they celebrated his final night of single hood. He smiled recalling the giddy smile etched on Eiji’s face, Fuji figured distance does make their hearts grow fonder.
This leaves Fuji in his current disposition. His body is in desperate need of pampering but without a masseuse to do the job.  He sighed as the knots in his neck and shoulders slightly loosened. The idea of purchasing a shiatsu massager came to mind but Fuji knew that nothing could replace the gentle kneading of a pair of well-experienced hands. Eiji’s excitement was infectious and Fuji forgot to ask his friend for a name of another masseuse in the area.
He shouldn’t be suffering with such tightness on this upper body. He prides himself to be a very cautious stunt double and very careful with his moves. The jobs were no way near on the dangerous side as he mainly post for scenes that needed exposure of bare skin, mainly his back. He valued the beauty of his body which at most time featured a lot of glossy ads.  Nobody knew a number of ads requiring a perfect profile of a female body featured Fuji’s.  Only his older sister knew of the maddening reality but it was money in the bank for him and he would not be the one to expose such minor detail.  The modeling assignments kept him busy as well as opened more doors for real acting jobs. 
His agent, Atobe, quite amused at the success of his work actually landed him the job at Lord of the Rings, as the body double for the character Legolas.  He couldn’t believe his luck to be involved in such a monumental series.  It was a lot of physical work, the running, the horseback riding and just the long hours of work in New Zealand. He did enjoy that experience, and he really was not into action films that required a lot of running or fight scenes.  It was during that job when he experienced the knotting discomfort.
They had physical therapists contracted during the filming of the movie, and the production company hired only the best in the area.  One of them, a known Japanese master, Tezuka Kunimitsu and Fuji remembered how he eased out the discomfort from his body.  Tezuka’s touch sparked his body with such fury it melted him.  The heat coursed through his entire body with just the gentle massage of his shoulders.  For a moment, Fuji was unsure whether it was his body reacting to the contact or if Tezuka purposely searched for the sensitive spots to observe his reaction to his ministrations.  Needless to say, Fuji ended sleepless that night bothered by an arousal that he ended up succumbing to a hand-job to release the painful tension in his cock.
He should’ve flirted with the therapist and he probably would have landed in bed with him, if Fuji was into flings.  He wasn’t even sure if Tezuka was into men, he was too cold and unapproachable for someone with golden hands.  He could only imagine what his magic touch could conjure his body to experience. He closed his eyes and smiled.  He will be seeing Tezuka tomorrow.  Since the Lord of the Rings Project, Atobe kept Tezuka on full-time contract and available when Atobe’s actors require his services.

The movie he is working on will be on location for three weeks and knowing Atobe, he will have Tezuka available for every fake pain his creative agent could imagine. Somehow Fuji suspected those two men had something going on but he was not one to really pry on other people’s business. Anyway, even if he discovered Tezuka to have interest in men, the therapist had not really showed any interest and Fuji didn’t need the distraction.  Tezuka wouldn’t hook up with him anyway.  He was not a celebrity, more like an actor with no face, since he was only a body double.
The temperature of the water suddenly changed from heated warmth to icy pelts that gave him goose bumps all over. Fuji turned off the shower, shivering from the cold assault and the tightness on his shoulder muscles and neck returning. He slowly rotated his head, then turned side to side until felt a pop at the back of his nape.  He stretched out his arms and rotated his shoulders until the muscles didn’t burn anymore.
“I need a massage!”
He pulled the plush towel from the rack and thoroughly dried his body before he wrapped it around his waist.  Unable to handle the discomfort, he had no choice but call and request for an appointment with Tezuka.  He searched for his cell phone as he padded around his bedroom.  Locating his unit on the bed stand, he sat on his bed and speed dialed Tezuka.
The voicemail picked up and Fuji frowned.  He hoped to speak with the therapist directly but without any choice, left a message instead. Within a few minutes, Fuji’s phone vibrated.  Tezuka returned his call.
“What you screen your calls or something?”
A cold silence weighed for a few seconds and Fuji thought he just pissed off the therapist. He really didn’t know the man that well.
“I am a busy man,” Tezuka curtly answered.
“Well, we all are,” Fuji spat back.  The actor realized why he purposely stayed away from Tezuka.  He simply did not like his cold personality. “I need some time with you tomorrow.  My regular masseuse left me without another person to go to and I am suffering.”
“I can give you a referral to Serenity, they actually have very good masseuse over there.”
“This can’t wait and I know you can take care of this problem, just like you did the last time,” Fuji coldly retorted. “Besides you’re travelling with us tomorrow, can’t you spare a few minutes. I need you,” suddenly sounding needy.
Fuji rarely frowned but his frustration took over after being forced to beg for Tezuka’s time. He never begged for anybody’s attention and here he is now forced to do so.
“Where are you?  I could come over and take care of it now,” Tezuka offered, his tone of voice seemed to have a warmer timbre.
Fuji checked the digital clock on his bed stand, 7:36 PM, not that late. He supposed.
“Classy House Shoto in Shibuya.  My apartment is on the third floor at the very end of the hallway.”
“Okay, I am not that far from your place.  I should be there by 8:00,” The coldness in Tezuka’s voice dissipated and nothing but a whispering caress reached Fuji’s ear.
Fuji stood up from his bed in surprise.  The towel that was wrapped around his waist fell on the floor leaving him fully naked.
“What? Where are you?”
“I am at the Tokyo Westin. I just finished a dinner meeting so I am free to take care of you,” Tezuka replied gently before ending the call.
Fuji stared at his cell phone.
“Okay,” Baffled by the quick turn of events. 
He quickly picked up the towel and scrambled towards his closet to gather some clothing. His mind began assessing the phone conversation.  Did he just? Did Tezuka assumed?  Fuji suddenly felt like some kind of excited teenager and wondered how the evening would end up. 
He just finished dressing up and now combing his silky hair in place, Fuji checked the image before him.  Blues eyes widely staring back at him, his heart pounding making the knots on his shoulders and neck tighten more.  The doorbell rang announcing someone at the building entrance calling for him.  Fuji padded towards the entrance area of his condo unit.
“May I help you?”
“This is Tezuka.”
Fuji pressed the button unlocking the main door to the building.  He opened the door to his apartment and waited for Tezuka in the hallway.  Within a few minutes the elevator dinged and a dashing man dressed in an expensive suit stepped out to walk towards his direction.  He watched Tezuka moved flawlessly towards him, with confidence and his eyes stayed focused on him.  Seeing how handsome the therapist looked in his formal wear, Fuji felt like he couldn’t breathe as he approached him closer. He never paid attention to Tezuka before and Fuji wondered why suddenly, he seems so taken by this man now.
Tezuka paused right before him, gazed at him with fire in his eyes.  Fuji couldn’t take his own eyes from him.
“You called and I came,” Tezuka whispered.
“Okay,” Fuji stepped aside and without another word, directed Tezuka to enter his apartment.  The therapist picking up the silent invitation entered the apartment.  Fuji followed and quietly closed the door behind him.  They stood face to face once more, Tezuka towering over Fuji as he watched the handsome man leaned back on the door.  He slowly removed his formal jacket, revealing the crisp white shirt, perfectly tucked in his formal pants. 
Fuji couldn’t move his eyes from Tezuka as he revealed a well formed figure perfectly suited by the expensive looking clothes. He swallowed hard, preventing the obvious drooling effect Tezuka had on him at the very moment.
“What seems to be the problem?” Tezuka asked as he carefully folded his jacket over his arm.
Fuji quickly let go of his musings and moved towards the closet next to the entrance and retrieved a hanger for Tezuka’s jacket.
“The same problem you took care of for me,” Fuji muttered when he offered to hand Tezuka’s jacket.  The therapist gave said wear and watched Fuji as he hanged his coat in the closet.
“Your neck and shoulder muscles?” Tezuka inquired.
Fuji nodded his reply, carefully touching his nape.
“What have you been doing since, I suggested for you to see me regularly but I never saw you back?”
Fuji smiled, closing his eyes.  Worry filled the actor’s mind. He didn’t want Tezuka to discover his inner thoughts about the man, especially after he lasciviously imagined the therapist relieving his sexual need. He didn’t want to go down that path again.
“I met a wonderful masseuse who took care of the problem.”
“So why call me then?” Tezuka’s voice turned short and his gaze seemed cold suddenly.
Fuji realized he might have insulted the man. “He relocated to marry the man of his dreams, so now I am left with my pain without someone to relieve it. I figured you would be nice enough to help me. Thank you for remembering.”
“I always keep important information in mind,” Tezuka stated. He pulled one of the chairs from the dining table, unbuttoned and rolled his sleeves. “Sit.”
Fuji did so as instructed. He straightened his back once Tezuka pressed the tight muscle of his shoulder.  Fuji closed his eyes, enjoying the warm hands kneading his shoulder blades and caressing the back of his neck.  He could feel every joint in his neck loosen at Tezuka’s magical touch.  Pressing gently here and there, Fuji wanted Tezuka’s hands all over his body.  He moaned without realizing it.
“Feels good?” Tezuka asked while he sensually touched the back of his ears and Fuji suddenly felt the surge of heat flow all the way down his spine.  He could feel his body heating up and very much aroused by Tezuka’s touch.  Fuji could just imagine the pleasure the man could give him.
“So good,” Fuji whispered.
“Remove your shirt,” Tezuka ordered and Fuji did so without any question.
Smooth ivory skin, silky to Tezuka’s touch, well exposed to him.  He gently pressed the palms of his hands of the exposed shoulder blades, kneading every each of the exposed flesh. His thumbs pressed harder on the knots and stiff muscles until Fuji felt the pain melting away to nothing but a relaxing heat. Tezuka could hear the satisfying moans when he released the knots as he glided his palms on Fuji’s smooth skin. He rubbed the shoulder joints, slowly adding pressure while rotating his thumb. He felt the knots pop each time he dipped his thumbs.
“Ah, Tezuka you have such magical touch,” Fuji groaned his appreciation.
The therapist smiled, enjoying the feel of Fuji’s skin. Gently, gliding over his hands on the collarbone, and pressing that spot on each side that Tezuka knew would jolt Fuji with burning pleasure. Fuji’s moaning stirred Tezuka to arousal, and his own body reacted with obvious heat. Keeping his focus on the task, he began working on Fuji’s neck, massaging both sides and applying the needed pressure to release the knots of discomfort. He felt Fuji’s skin warming up to his touch and hearing Fuji groaning each time he kneaded his skin, left Tezuka yearning to kiss every inch of Fuji’s body.  He wanted him for so long and here is a chance for him to realize the one dream he longed to come true.  He desired Fuji since the moment he caught sight of the beautiful man. 
He felt sparks when he touched Fuji’s skin for the first time. Tezuka remembered how off-balance he’d been that day and so aroused to the point of needing for a release.  The opportunity to hook up never came after the one and only visit he had with Fuji.  For some reason, Fuji did not return for other treatments. He’d dreamt of Fuji since, waking up every morning in such a mess due to his body’s reaction. Tezuka jumped on the opportunity, as soon as he got Fuji’s message.  He’s determined to make this beautiful man his own, before the morning comes.
Tezuka walked around and kneeled before Fuji. His eyes stayed focus on the gleaming azure pair. He gently touched Fuji’s neck, massaging the pressure points underneath his ears.  He dipped his thumbs lightly as he slowly glided down the sides of his neck.  He watched Fuji close his eyes. His mouth parted to release a whispered moan.
“I want to kiss you,” Tezuka declared. Touching Fuji’s chest in a circular motion until he could feel his pink nipples hardened.  He kept his eyes on him, waiting for the deep pools of blue to gaze at him.  A flush in pink warmed Fuji’s cheeks as Tezuka continued the sensual swirl of his fingers.
“Tezuka,” the actor whispered.
Without waiting, Tezuka closed in and claimed Fuji’s parted lips and kissed him.
It started as a sweet caress on Fuji’s lips, a light touch on his lower lip then Tezuka’s tongue tracing his upper lip before teasing him to part his lips a little bit more and urge him to allow further entrance in his mouth.  Fuji could only close his eyes and give into the pleasure Tezuka gave him with his tongue alluringly exploring his mouth.  A moan, they both did so in unison.
As they kept hold on each other’s lips and enjoyed the pleasure of their tongues dueling, tasting each other’s sweetness, Tezuka hands continued massaging, feeling every inch of Fuji’s exposed skin, heating up to his touch.
Eventually, they parted, gasping for some needed air. Both men breathe heavily, their hearts pounding inside their chests, and their desires ready to explode. Tezuka smoothly palmed Fuji’s chest and he could feel his heart beating excitingly in sync with the beating of his own heart. He leaned his forehead on Fuji’s while he kept his eyes closed, reliving the sweet touch of Fuji’s lips on his lips.  He wanted more.
“I want you,” Tezuka uttered breathlessly. “Let me stay with you tonight, Fuji.”
The offer came unexpectedly, well in the manner Tezuka stated.  Fuji pulled away and stared at Tezuka wide-eyed. His gleaming pair of blues wouldn’t hide his surprise, and his obvious desire for the man in front of him.  He wanted him so badly.  The way his body reacted to Tezuka’s touch, left Fuji thinking of nothing but lead the man to his bed and make love to him. This is what he wanted to do ever since Tezuka touched him, a few steps away from his bedroom and moments away from copulating. Fuji’s closed his eyes, desire overwhelming him but his mind coldly spelled out the reality of Tezuka’s intent.
 “You just want to fuck me.” Fuji flatly replied.
The warmth from Tezuka’s eyes slowly dissipated, turning the handsome man’s gaze unreadable. He smirked as he slowly stood up and stepped away.  The sudden distance between them left Fuji cold and noticeably exposed without his shirt.
“If that’s how you see it,” Tezuka retorted. “Yes. I want to fuck you. I think, I am not wrong in assuming that you want me too.”
Deep inside Tezuka wanted Fuji beyond the physical experience but to even say something too soon would only scare the man away.  Maybe it was wrong to let his desire take over reason. He is only human, drawn to this beautiful man before him just like any other man.
He noticed Fuji shiver and in an instant he picked up his shirt and covered him.
“Let me help you put your shirt back on.”
Fuji grabbed his shirt from his hold and glared at him.  Without a word, he stood up and turned away from him while pulling the sleeves through his arms.
“Thank you for coming over and taking care of my problem.”
Guilt bathed Tezuka’s mind. He didn’t want to cause Fuji any discomfort nor dismiss him as some perverted, sex-hungry jerk. He began to utter his apology when Fuji swiftly walked towards the entrance area and opened the door.
“Good night Tezuka.”
Tezuka didn’t want to end the evening the way it was ending just now.  He waited too long for this opportunity to open up to this beautiful man before him.  He wouldn’t allow some misunderstanding to end it.  He could definitely read those blue eyes, tagging him PERVERTED PRICK!  Tezuka didn’t want Fuji to have that notion imprinted in his mind about him.  He slowly approached the seething actor and shyly smiled as he stood just about a ruler’s distance.
“I don’t want to leave with you upset about all this.” Tezuka confided. “I’m sorry.”
Fuji refused to look at him, but he kept his eyes on him, pleading silently for redemption. He watched him slide a hand through his silky hair and sighed.  Blues eyes glimmered, while studying him intently. Tezuka felt his heart fluttered, his nerves going crazy again.  If only Fuji knew how much, he’s gone crazy over him.
“I guess, I am at fault as well.”
It was Tezuka’s turn to go wide-eyed with surprise.  He didn’t quite expect such admission. He noticed the smile on Fuji’s face, quickly reading his reaction. “I am guilty as well Tezuka. I just didn’t want you to think,” Fuji paused, covering his face with both his hands. “Ahhh! This is so embarrassing!” he continued.
Tezuka kept silent. He needed to hear this.  He wanted to hear Fuji’s confession of some sort. He wanted to smile, but he didn’t want Fuji to think of him wrongly. Tezuka realized that they both need to work on verbalizing things rather than rely on signs and innuendos.  Although, he was sure, they could perfectly read each other, but words somehow would be better for now.
“I do like you Tezuka,” Fuji whispered.  “I wanted you since the first moment, I saw you, but I didn’t think you would, ahm…”
Tezuka watched Fuji looked at everything and anything around him as he spoke, not once at him.  The color started to blush his cheeks and spread to his ears.  Tezuka thought that was cute, adoring, lovely. He could go on forever describing this moment in his head. Instead, he stepped closer and gently caressed Fuji’s warmed cheeks with his hands.
“You were saying,” Tezuka held Fuji’s eyes on his. “I want to know more.”
“I didn’t think you’d be interested and this evening kind of caught me by surprise.  I didn’t want it to be just some kind of a one-night thing.”
Tezuka kissed the tip of his nose, then his eyes before he pressed his lips on his.  “I hope I am sending you a clearer signal now,” he whispered in Fuji’s ear before playfully tracing the warm skin with his tongue. He heard Fuji moan. “I want you to be more than that.  I wanted you to want me for more than a one-night thing,” Tezuka confessed.  “I’ve been on to you, since I first saw you as well.”
The blue eyes sparkled upon hearing his words and the smile that would forever keep him captive showed. “Tezuka,” he heard the warm voice chimed.
“Kunimitsu,” he noted, “I want to hear you call my name.”
He held Fuji closer to him and the kiss they now shared caused fireworks to explode in his head. If with just a kiss, Fuji could light him up like this, he wanted to experience how he’d make him lose his senses in blissful love-making.
Breathless, they slowly pulled away. Eyes closed as they both claimed air.
“Stay.” Fuji offered shyly. 
“I don’t want you to think I’m…”
“Stay with me tonight.”
Tezuka watched the light danced in Fuji’s eyes as he smiled at him. “You didn’t finish giving me a massage.”
He smiled back at him, holding Fuji tightly close to him. “Ah, I guess I will be working over-time tonight.”
Fuji kissed him, this time teasing him, quite passionately and Tezuka could only but moan.  He felt his body slowly melting.  Fuji claimed him with every swipe of his tongue inside his mouth, wanting him openly, his hands caressing every inch of his body, and intimately rubbing his arousal on his very own.
“I could make it worth your stay Kunimitsu,” Fuji purred.
“You won’t be too tired for your early shoot tomorrow?” Tezuka didn’t want to ruin the moment, but he had to ask.
Fuji stepped away from him but kept hold of both his hands.  Gracefully back stepping towards his bedroom.  Tezuka focused on the mesmerizing blues gazing at him.  
“Mmmm? I don’t think it will be a problem.”
“I don’t want you exhausted and unprepared. The stunts you have to do for this movie could be quite dangerous,” Tezuka worried.
“No stunts, Kunimitsu.”
Tezuka watched Fuji coyly grin at him as they entered the bedroom. Fuji let go of his hand and began undressing before him, still watching him with the coy curve on his lips.
“No stunts for the movie. Maybe I could show you some tonight though.”
“Syuusuke,” Tezuka whispered, slowly losing his calm. “No stunts?”
“No stunts.” Fuji smiled at him. “I’m doubling for the lead actor.” Fuji announced as he peeled off his pants, just leaving his skimpy silk boxers.  Tezuka feasted on the smooth ivory skin as Fuji turned down the covers of his bed.  Fuji in beige silk boxers which almost looked like Victoria Secret’s silk underpants for women, but it surely looked so sexy on Fuji.
He finally processed what Fuji just told him and Tezuka raised his brow.  He padded closer to Fuji, touching his warm skin and embracing him from behind. He heard Fuji chuckle as he slowly turned around to face him.
“The lead actor is a woman,” he noted.
Fuji began to unbutton his shirt. “That is correct.”
“Wait,” Tezuka wasn’t sure.
“I’m doubling as the lead geisha in the movie. So there will be no stunts to worry about. However, you can’t leave marks Kunimitsu, most especially on my back,” Fuji announced.
Tezuka smiled, image of Fuji as a geisha formed in his head. He couldn’t help but getting so aroused by the thought of this beautiful man he held would be dressed in lavish geisha clothing.
“You’re going to be naked.” He frowned upon realizing that will be showing skin.  A pang of protective jealousy nerved him.
Fuji pushed his shirt off him and began unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. “Yes, I will be naked but only from behind, so don’t leave any marks.” Fuji smiled at him again as he pushed his pants down his legs, revealing his navy silk boxer shorts. Fuji gazed at his body, quite pleased at what he saw. “You’re yummy,” Fuji told him, biting on his lower lip sexily.
“Syuusuke, I much rather see you do your stunts. Can’t you be a samurai or ninja?”
Tezuka gasped when Fuji touched his hand on his boxers, touching his arousal.  His warm hand caressing his dick quickly warmed him up.
“It’s just my back and maybe my ass Kunimitsu.  That’s all that could be shown anyway since I am supposed to be the female lead.”  Fuji pulled his silk pants down, and Tezuka stood naked and very much aroused. Fuji stared at his dick with a pleased smile pasted on his lips. His eyes filled with desire slowly gazed appreciating his well-toned body. Blue eyes locked on his as Fuji slowly stood up and pushed down his skimpy cover and revealed to him his perfectly formed body.
“No one else will see me like this, only you, Kunimitsu,” Fuji stated. “You captured my heart a long time ago, and I am giving myself to you.”
Tezuka noted a hint of nervousness on Fuji’s voice. He leaned closer to him.  T dicks touched, and Tezuka felt the sparks fly through every nerve of his body. Fuji owned him. He could never let this beautiful man go. He felt his warm arms embrace him, and Tezuka wrapped his arms around Fuji.
“You don’t know how much I craved for you all this time Syuusuke,” Tezuka knew all along. This man would be his weakness. The feeling he kept inside for so long, now revealed.  “You owned my heart without you knowing, Syuusuke.”
Lips locked, as they held onto each other.  Slowly falling into bed, teasingly they ravished each other, sharing their desire to be one.  Fuji gave himself to him and so did Tezuka.  The late hours of the night spent in wild passionate love-making until they both fell to sleep, very much sated. Tezuka protectively wrapped his arms around Fuji as he laid on his chest.    
Dreams  come true. He thought.  This would be the one dream. He would forever keep alive in his heart, and in his life.

Date: 2011-09-10 08:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow, I love this! Now I want a massage too! (From Tezuka, if possible XD). Love how they were longing for each other without knowing it. Poor them had to suffer for no reason! XD;;
I really love this story! You should post it for everyone, because it's definitely worth reading! Something I want other people to be able to read too!

Date: 2011-10-27 09:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It took me a month or so to finish and post. Gomen, I should've reply sooner. Thank you I am glad this story sort of came out interesting. It's been awhile for me to seriously write something about these two men. I am going to keep on writing about them, like I said before, I intend to complete all the chapter stories...

Thank you Ann-chan for previewing...I actually finished the story.

Date: 2011-10-28 08:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's fine, I'm glad you managed to write and post this ^____^ It's such a great story!


Date: 2011-09-12 06:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is did it again touched a part of me that I thought no longer soloist of made me think that.. OMG Im soo effing single still..arggh! in short you stirred some longing for that special touch from "that person"..crazy huh? anyway im soooo loving this fic....I am seriously thinking that I have gone minute I was crying coz' of the last chappie i read of nagare noshi and now I am sooo excited for this fic...hope you finish this soon so that everyone can read coz' its definitely worth the time..thanks!....

i just got off my from my shift and have not eevrything that stated above is raw honesty.

Re: WOW!

Date: 2011-10-27 09:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Marie-chan, I am glad you enjoyed reading the preview. I finished the story so I hope you will be pleased with the ending.

DOn't worry about Nagare Boshi, it will work out in the end. I promise.

Date: 2011-10-27 07:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This fic is really good.
The shyness between the two characters and their uncertainty along with their strong desire not to be the one who submits.

Date: 2011-10-27 09:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed your read. I am sort of out of practice with my writing so I hope it was not a to speak.

Yeah, it is hard for them to adjust in the beginning...but luckily they managed to get over the strangeness between them.

Date: 2011-10-27 10:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh wow. I love the chemistry between the two. Especially Tezuka's jealously when he finds out Fuji had been seeing another massage therapist! lol.

Date: 2011-10-27 09:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you. I am glad this was worth your read. I love Tezuka when he just automatically shifts into jealous mode...I think he is cute that way.

Date: 2011-10-29 06:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
and jealous!Tezuka is so sweet~

Date: 2011-11-13 10:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I came back to Lj just for this >3< I LOVE IT TO BITS!!!!

Jealous!Tezuka. It's been such a long time since I've read anything like that. I miss your loving and sweet and protective Tezuka... he's nothing but a jerk in fics these days! And your sweet and slightly manipulative but very caring Fuji is definitely the best! I'm tired of childish and immature Fuji I see in fics nowadays ^^;;

Hope you'll keep writing! And I'm still waiting for the continuation of Marry Me! ^^

Date: 2011-11-30 10:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oooooohhhh.. tezuka the masseuse.. how sexy. i wonder if he's available for us fans, too. *is suddenly feeling tight knots on her shoulders*

luv it, as always. though it'd be waaay much better if you can write juuust a short drabble of their love-making scene.. Xb

btw, on a totally different note.
sorry to be off topic, but i wonder what happened to "Marry Me"?
am still hoping that the boys will make it to the altar. after all, the title says "Marry Me", so it should end with the boys walking down the aisle, right? right? *round puppy eyes with droopy ears*

Date: 2012-03-19 08:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

omg.. omg!!! i think i died... I DIED!!!!!!!!!

Date: 2012-03-19 09:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
okay... took a breather so i cud calm down...

and had to reread it again.. it's just so awesome...


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